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What is this device and how does it work?
LUCE180° is a 100% hypoallergenic and ultra-soft silicone facial brush that combines 3 actions in one: 
- Deep cleansing, 
- Micro-vibration massaging and 
- Post- cleanse treatments. 

LUCE180° device has ultra-soft bristles that vibrate the skin at a rapid rate of 6,500 RPM (Revolutions per Minute) with approximately 120 tiny movements per second, it not only gently gets rid of dirt and debris across the face but the vibration will enhance circulation and bring the blood flowing to the dermis, helping reduce the size of pores, puffiness look and, at the same time, improve the skin elasticity and moisture retention.
Why are the Vibrations important in Skin Care?
As we have seen many products in the market are adding the vibrations to its products, this is because simply the vibration “feature” gently stimulates your facial muscles, turning on the collagen and elastin production. These are the ingredients your skin needs to make a healthy, young looking skin.
How long I have to use it to see an improvement in my skin?
From day one you will see the difference, your skin will feel softer and cleaner
 Week 1-2: Moisturizer feels like it absorbs better. 
 Week 3: Pores are notable smaller and skin looks more radiant.
 Week 4: fine wrinkles are diminishing.   

 LUCE180° alone won’t keep your skin looking young always, but as a part of your daily regime, it will be incredibly beneficial in terms of deep cleansing, product absorption, and elastin generation. You will instantly see the benefits from activating the regeneration of new skin cells and lifting dirt while reducing your pores. For best results, LUCE180° should be used daily.
Which settings and features are available with this device?
 - LUCE180° features more than 2000 flexible soft silicone that resists bacteria buildup while comfortably deep clean and massage the face. 
 - Clean your skin 9 times better than any facial wipes or cleaning by hands. Vibration power exfoliates dead skin cells, unclog pores of makeup residue, and remove up to 99% of dirt and oil. 
 - Made it for all skin types:  Front side used for normal, to sensitive skin and back side used for thicker skin (designed for men’s skin) Besides facial hair, man skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s, in addition to being ticker a man's skin texture is tougher. The bristles are thicker as well to have more friction and get all the dirt and debris from the skin. Used for use with exfoliations as well. 
 - SMART multi-adjustable intensity settings: Choose from 14 different intensity settings to create the perfect cleansing for your face. Use speed setting 1-7 as a massage device and post-cleanse treatments, and settings 8-14 for deep cleansing.
 - Ergonomic design to be easy to hold and bristles easily to reach. 
 - Easy to travel with, USB chargeable so you can plug it in anywhere in the world. Dust bag easy to carry in your purse. 
 - Long Lasting Battery, 2-hour charge can last for 300 uses.Use the LUCE Cleansing and Anti-Aging Device in the shower because it is 100% waterproof. Unlike other devices, LUCE180° is safe to use in the shower. And its convenient built-in stand makes it easy to set down while showering.Long Lasting Battery, 2-hour charge can last for 300 uses. 
 - Elegant gold base. The technique used to give this great and durable look is the vacuum coating technology. This coating process apart that give this brilliant and decorative finish provides an extremely durable coating.
Are Silicone Bristles better than nylon bristles?
It is been dermatology proof that silicones bristles are much safer for the skin. Regular bristles tend to break, bend down and lose their effectiveness in getting to all those tricky corners around your face after around 3 months of use. But worse than this, the friction of a bent regular bristle can cause microscopic damage to your skin and these can cause irritations that can lead to acne. 

 Regular bristles can be breeding grounds for germs, fungus, and bacteria if you do not protect from humidity. Silicone bristles resist bacteria built up making of its material one of the most hygienic facial cleansing products in the market.
Should I charge my LUCE device before my first use?
No, you do not have to. It comes pre-charged at a limit, so not fully. You can use it until you can tell that the battery has drained and then you have to charge it again.
How to use it?
1. Press center bottom to turn ON. When active, the LUCE180 device will be ON at middle speed. 
 2. Press center bottom again and the device will turn OFF. 

 At the side of the middle button, you will find the button, “-” and “+”. The less intensity of the vibration will take you to the MASSAGING mode. Usually the SIGN “–” will take you from 1 to 7 Speed. To progress and go to higher speed you will have to press the button, “+” until you reach the speeds you looking for. 

 Towards the right of the ON/OFF button is the CLEANSING mode “+” This is the setting you have to use to clean your face properly. Press “+” anytime to increase intensity.
Which steps I follow when I use my LUCE180°?


 Wet the bristles and apply your favorite cleanser (we recommended to add cleanser directly to the brush to prevent any bacterial contamination) 


 Star gently rubbing the device in a circular motion on the sides of your face, slowly go in the cheek area, nose, jawline, forehead, and neck (If desired). Use the tip of the device to deep clean the difficult areas such as nose, ears and around the hairline. Clean each area about 15 seconds. 


 Rinse your face with plenty of water. 


 Dry your face gently with a soft face towel.
How do I care for and maintain my device?
The silicone bristles of the LUCE180° device clean themselves each time you use it. In the case you use it with another face treatments make sure to rise them with plenty of water to prevent adhesions.
How long I have to charge it?
The LUCE180°device will need only 1.5 to 2 hours Max. to be fully charged.

 Once the battery runs out it needs to be charged another 1-2 hours. To leave the device connected more than 2 hrs. can slowly reduce the lifespan of your battery. 

 Only one charge can last for 300 uses.
How can I know my device is fully charged?
Your device is fully charge once will change from intermittent light to a solid led light. 

 The LUCE180°device will need only 1.5 to 2 hours Max. to be fully charged. 

 Once the battery runs out it needs to be charged another 1-2 hours. To leave the device connected more than 2 hrs. can slowly reduce the lifespan of your battery. 

 Only one charge can last for 300 uses.
Can use my LUCE device in other countries?
Yes. If you use a USB adaptor with the LUCE cable port, you can use the device all over the world. Please make sure to use the black cable that come with the device and not others ones that may fit the port.
My LUCE device does not work or charge. What should I do?
In order to figure out what the problem is, please run the following actions: 

 Make sure first the following:  
 - The USB cable must be firmly attached to the USB socket. 
 - The main plug is firmly plug into the wall socket.  
 - Do not try to test the device while is connected, because it won't work.  
 - Attempt to charge your LUCE device. If the battery has been completely drained, it may take up to 3-5 minutes for the LED light at the botton to begin to pulse intermittently, indicating charging is taking place. This is because the charger initially charges with a very low current to protect the battery. Leave the device to charge for a period of 1.5 to 2 hrs. You can tell the device is fully change once the intermittent light became a solid light. 

 If your LUCE device is has apparently charged but still doesnt work. Please follow the following instruction: 
 - Always press first the cental round button to turn ON the pulsations - Only then you can adjust the level of pulsations using the another two "+" "-" buttons. 

 If all above actions fail you LUCE device must be faulty. Please consult the page Warranty and Returns for how to obtain a replacement. 
What material(s) is the product made of?
The LUCE180°, FDA-Cleared Deep Cleansing, and Anti-Aging Device is made 100% of pure silicone. Our product is been inspected for quality control to prevent any mix of silicone and any regular polymers.
Which colors/designs are available?
Our LUCE180° comes only in one color: black. The device can be used with any cleanser or post-cleanser treatments as clay, charcoal cleanser, mud and any other regular treatments.
What is the device power source?
LUCE180° can be used in any country in the world. There’s no need for replacing (or finding) batteries because the LUCE180° device is 100% battery-free. Simply charge your LUCE device with any USB outlet charger. It works with laptops, phones, and all other outlet based chargers. Use a USB power adapter to plug it directly into the wall outlet.
How long is the power cord?
The power cord is one meter or 40” inches long.
Is this appliance covered by warranty?
If the product is purchased from a third party vendor, warranty covers 1 year after the original date of purchase against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials arising from normal use of the device (*) 

 *Please refer to the product warranty for more information. 

 LUCE180° device is covered also under our 5 years quality guarantee. You can claim 50% off your next online order from our webshop under the 5 years quality guarantee (limited for one-time use only)
Where the LUCE brushes are made?
All our facial brush are made in China
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