Why Makeup Remover Wipes are a Enemy for the Environment

Why Makeup Remover Wipes are a Enemy for the Environment-LUCEBEAUTY

Surely you have never thought about the amount of contamination produced by both the discs and the makeup remover wipes that you use every day.

The main problem is that most people throw them into the toilet and they end up in the seas, interfering with the food chain of marine animals and over time, they end up on our tables.

Imagine the number of people who remove make-up every day with either of these two products. It is an alarming situation that we must put a stop to.

In addition, it has been proven that make-up removal wipes, despite being very practical, are not the most suitable for removing make-up, as their function is limited to removing make-up but they do not clean the face, on the contrary, make the treatments or creams that are used afterwards do not have the same result as they cannot be absorbed by the skin. It causes a "mica effect" clogging the pores with its ingredients, in addition to cases of severe irritation in sensitive or acne-prone skin.

There is a nobler way to remove make-up while taking care of the environment: acquiring non-disposable products, such as wipes and cloth pads that you can use and reuse many times.

And if the environment and the cleanliness of your skin are not enough reasons, think about the money you will be saving.

On average, a pack of discs with 100 pieces lasts approximately 2 months, thinking that you use two discs to remove a daily office makeup that is not very heavy but not so natural. A year there are 6 bags and in total, 600 discs that end up in the wild. Cloth pads last up to 5 years (or longer, depending on care), and depending on where you get them, their price ranges from $5-20$.

At LUCE Beauty we have a Set of makeup remover pads. They are very soft to the touch but do an excellent job removing makeup including mascara, eye shadows, foundation and more, can easily be wash and ca last you up to 5 years. 

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