Why Facial Rollers Are Taking Their Place in Everyday Skincare Routines

Why Facial Rollers Are Taking Their Place in Everyday Skincare Routines-LUCEBEAUTY

If you’ve done the rounds of skincare routine tutorials from celebrities, dermatologists, and beauty bloggers alike, you’ve likely run into this low-tech yet high-impact tool - the facial roller.

Rollers can be used for relaxing facial massages, they can easily be added to your daily routine to decrease puffiness, increase blood circulation, and drain lymph nodes.

What is a Facial Roller?

Facial rollers are made with alloy or polished stones, that rotate freely as you roll them over the skin. Stone and crystal facial rollers are commonly used with facial oils for a gentle yet effective massage, but they can also be used to better apply moisturizers and serums.

Facial rollers have even been adapted to include sonic vibrations that help sculpt the face providing longer-lasting power.

Facial Roller Benefits

Despite the recent growth in popularity, facial rollers have been used for centuries in Chinese beauty rituals and have made their way to modern skincare routines for good reason.

  • Reduce puffiness: Facial rollers can be used as a tool for lymphatic massages which stimulate lymphatic fluid drainage. This rids the face of bacterial build-up and decreases puffiness and inflammation!
  • Soothed skin: Facial rollers can be used to “wake up” the skin first thing in the morning by decreasing inflammation, alleviating sinus pain, and de-puffing tired eyes. 

This stainless steel roller can hold the cold for up to two hours so you get all the soothing invigorating benefits of a facial roller on the go!

  • Brighter skin: Rollers can be used to brighten skin and restore your natural glow. Using a facial roller increases blood circulation in the skin and moves fluid and oxygenated blood around, decreasing dullness and giving you a warmer glow.
  • Better product distribution: Facial rollers can be used with your favorite facial oils, serums, or moisturizers that already make up your skincare routine. 

Not only does it help the roller to easily glide across the face, but it also makes full coverage application much easier! This facial roller has even been modernized to include gentle vibrations that improve elasticity and aid in serum absorption!

  • Maximized product absorption: Unlike our bare fingers, facial rollers do not tug and pull at the skin or absorb product, leaving more product for the targeted areas of your face. 

When using a facial roller, you can apply as much or as little pressure as you want to work the product deeper into your skin.

  • Sculpt your face: Facial rollers can also help contour the cheekbones and chin for a slimmer-looking face! 

By using upward motions and pushing excess fluid away from the contours of the face, you can slim and tighten your skin. 

Keep reading for guidance on how to use your facial roller to contour your face without ever reaching for bronzer and highlighter.

How to Use Facial Rollers

Facial rollers have become popular in recent years due to how easy they are to use and add to your already existing skincare routine.

First, wash your face with your everyday cleanser and your facial cleaning brush. Then, apply your facial oil, serum, or moisturizer directly onto the face but don’t rub it in.

You can begin by using your roller to spread the product to all the areas of your face - the cheeks, forehead, nose, temples, under eyes, etc. 

Once you have your product in the right places, starting at the neck or jawline, begin making light upward strokes directed towards the outer edges of your face.

It is important to roll upward and outward rather than up and down to move excess fluid away from your face and encourage lifted skin.

Remember that this is a facial massage; there’s no need to apply a lot of pressure if it doesn’t feel good. 

You can use the smaller roller stone at the bottom of the roller or a specialized contouring roller for hard-to-reach areas like under the eyes, below the nose, or along the hairline. 

Continue rolling for as long as you like or until your product has been applied to all areas of the face. Then, move forward with your normal routine! Voila!

Facial rollers are a great addition to every skincare routine. Just using it every day you can increase the effectiveness of your favorite products while easily adding many soothing, brightening, and contouring benefits.

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