Which Electric Brush is Appropriate for my Skin Type: Nylon Bristles or Silicone Bristles?

Which Electric Brush is Appropriate for my Skin Type-LUCEBEAUTY

Cleaning your face is the most basic step to ensure healthy skin.

We use various products like face washes, face scrubs, exfoliators, and masks etc. to get a squeaky clean face but the most emerging trend in skin care these days is using a face brush for cleansing.

facial cleansing brush comes in many kinds. The two most popular types of facial brushes are a nylon bristle facial brush and a silicone bristles facial brush.

If you are new to using facial brushes, then this post will be insightful for you to decide whether a bristle facial brush is better or whether you prefer silicone.

1. Silicone Brushes Are Gentler on the Skin

One of the major differences between nylon bristle facial brushes and silicone bristles brushes are the way they make your skin feel.

Nylon bristles brushes tend to be harder because of their firm bristles. Due to this, they may irritate your skin especially if you are using them for the first time.

Now, if you have a though skin and need something a little bit more aggressive this may be your option.

However, with time the bristles of brush tend to become softer which can make cleansing convenient for you. Moreover, if you use a bristle facial brush with caution it won’t even feel that hard. The key is to use the brush gently.

On the other hand, a silicone bristles facial brush is very gentle to the skin and can be use for all skin types.

2. Bristle Brushes are Great for a Deep Exfoliation

Although both silicone facial brushes and bristle brushes are meant for exfoliation, bristle facial brushes are harder when it comes to cleansing your face thoroughly.

Owing to their firm bristles, it is easier to get rid of dead skin cells and other pores that might be residing in your skin especially the T zone area of your face.

However, you need to be very carefully and use it always with caution.

Don’t get it wrong; a silicone brush will also help remove the dirt and oil off the skin but the silicone bristles but this one can rarely damage your skin, it is more delicate and it is recommended for all skin types, like the LUCE180 Silicone facial cleansing brush by LUCE Beauty.

Skin Type

Electric Brush

3. Silicone Facial Brush is Resistant to Bacteria Build Up

A bristle facial brush is more prone to sustain bacteria build up as compared to a silicone facial brush.

If the bristle facial brush is not properly washed with the help of an anti-bacterial wash then it can easily accumulate bacteria.

The bristles of a cleansing brush, in turn, will start to lose their shape and clump together over time. Hence, cleaning the brush on a regular basis becomes necessary.

Also, if you are using your brush multiple times a week, you should invest in a new one every three to four months. If the usage is less often then you can wait for a longer period before you replace it.

The silicone bristles are soft and they do not need a replacement, for which is suitable for all type of skins.

Whether you choose a bristle brush or a silicone brush, let us assure you that both of the facial brushes are meant to make your skin clean, healthy, and rejuvenated. When you wash with a cleanser, it provides a much deeper clean than using your hands.

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