The Basics of Getting Rid of Enlarged Pores

The Basics of Getting Rid of Enlarged Pores-LUCEBEAUTY

Enlarged pores are a common issue that plagues both men and women. Unfortunately, enlarged pores are highly noticeable, which means they can alter your appearance over time.

Your pores are essential for eliminating toxins from your system but without proper care, they can become a problem over time.

A Closer Look at the Causes of Enlarged Pores

Overall, genetics tend to determine whether or not you will struggle with large pores. However, if you struggle with oily skin, you will also have a much higher chance of developing enlarged pores.

Oily skin or skin that isn’t cleaned well enough can cause the oil to settle in and around the pores, which causes the skin to thicken and pores to become larger. 

Excess sun exposure can also damage the skin around the pores and cause them to become larger. 

One of the biggest mistakes that women tend to make is to try and cover their pores with makeup but this can make the problem much worse, particularly if the makeup is not removed well enough every evening. 

In some cases, makeup can highlight enlarged pores instead of hiding them. Blackheads tend to be a knock-on effect of enlarged pores because dirt settles in them, which can highlight the pores even further.

Finally, as your skin ages, cellular activity slows down, which means the skin doesn’t produce as much collagen and elastin as it needs to hide larger pores.

Keeping Enlarged Pores at Bay

To prevent your skin from breaking out regularly, it’s important to address enlarged pores as soon as you can. Fortunately, there are several great solutions to try.

1) Stick to a Good Cleansing Routine

This is one of the most important steps to follow. Thoroughly cleaning your skin is very important when you are trying to reduce the size of your pores. 

A gentle facial cleanser and a mild daily exfoliator will help unblock pores and prevent blackheads and breakouts. 

If you wear makeup daily, make a point of never going to bed without removing it and cleansing your skin twice a day. 

This will ensure that your pores don’t collect dirt that could make them more visible.

2) Go Easy on the Makeup

By applying too much makeup, you could be highlighting your pores more than you need to. 

Find ways to tone down the amount of makeup you use if you’re struggling with enlarged pores.

Combing professional laser treatments with a good skincare regime is ultimately the best way to reduce the appearance of large pores.

3) Invest in Laser Treatments

If you feel that you need professional help, look for a good laser center. Treatments are quick, comfortable, and will provide noticeable results after several sessions. 

After that, we highly suggest starting a good cleansing routine to prevent pores enlarge once again. We recommend a great Facial Cleansing Brush that will act as a mild daily exfoliator.

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