Pre Holiday Season Skin Care Action Plan

Pre Holiday Season Skin Care Action Plan-LUCEBEAUTY

A small zit or even a pimple just before that much-awaited event can put us down. We all have been there! 

The stress of running around making the arrangement, eating, and drinking all on the menu, no time to exercise in the busy schedule—these sudden fluctuations in a normal schedule tend to impact the skin and caused easily breakouts and inflammation.

Here’s how you can get your skin ready following these simple and basic steps:

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Cliched, isn't it? But the most important, while you run around to get your skin ready, is to don’t forget that water bottle. 

With compromised air quality and the pandemic still at its peak, fill your water bottle with warm water, add vitamin C to it, or a little honey. The idea is to drink as much water as possible.

Avoid Extra Sugar

Holidays are about sweets and savories, and we are not discouraging you from indulging in some good food. Why not? it’s the time of the year! 

While you enjoy your favorite snack or a piece of sweet, make sure to cut before the holidays extra sweet to compensate. 

For example, don’t add sugar to your tea or coffee, avoid soft drinks or canned juices.

Rest it Out!

You wish to plan it all perfectly, and we hear you! But do not burn yourself out. Give your body a break and rest. 

Take power naps in between a busy day. If you plan to stay up late with your family or friends, take a good nap in the afternoon. 

Sleep is important for the skin to revive itself after a busy day.

Post-Holiday Self Care

The idea of indulging in relaxing your skin with massaging and facials before the holidays is ideal. 

But your skin needs relaxation once the holidays are over—fatigue, makeup, and binge-eating impact the health of the skin. Make sure to also plan spa services after the celebrations.

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