Facial Cleansing Brush vs. Washing by Hand: Which Is Better?


Many clinical studies and consumer surveys say “yes!”, a facial cleansing brush is way much better than washing by hand.

Here Are the Benefits of Automated Facial Cleansing Brushes:

Many electronic cleansing systems promote five major benefits compared to traditional washing methods:

  • Higher efficiency cleansing
  • Increased absorption of after-cleansing skincare products like anti-aging serums or acne products
  • Increased skin hydration levels
  • Increased collagen production
  • Increased exfoliation (removal of old dead skin cells)

According to several clinical studies, users of facial cleansing systems experience 6 times better cleansing and 61% better skincare product absorption compared to their counterparts who used traditional cleansing methods. 

Even more impressive: 90% of automated cleansing users reported that their skin was more radiant and felt softer from use.

Early Use – What To Expect

Switching over to a facial cleansing system is a big transition, both for your skincare regimen and for your skin itself. 

Within the first week or two of using a facial brush, it’s normal for the skin to flare up with pimples and other blemishes. 

This occurs because your pores may become clogged from the enhanced amount of dead skin cells being removed by the cleansing system.

However many users report significant improvements in their skin by their third week of use. 

At that point the skin becomes used to the enhanced exfoliation aspect of automated cleansing systems and your pores will be clearer.

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