3 Easy Steps For Skincare During The Lockdown

3 Easy Steps For Skincare During The Lockdown-LUCEBEAUTY
We’ve been cooped inside our houses for over 2 months now, and while the world outside is gloomy and uncertain, one needs to look at the silver linings to get through this time.

For starters, it’s a good break from pollution. Not stepping out has translated to letting our skin breathe, and taking this time to detox from the daily makeup needs.

It’s an excellent time to indulge in self-care practices and revive that natural glow. Here they are a 3 easy steps guide to improvise your skincare routine during the lockdown.


The upper layer of your skin can be detoxified with exfoliation. However, to reach the deeper layers and promote an intense cleanse, hydration and nutrition are of utmost importance.

Exfoliation targets the deep-seated impurities, makeup residue, and dead skin debris that causes clogged pores, making skin clear and supple.

Besides, it increases skin’s ability to absorb the active ingredients present in the skincare products you use.

You can exfoliate with homemade face packs. It is recommended to use ingredients such as lime juice, sugar granules and milk powder for this purpose.

  • Lime juice contains alpha hydroxy acid that softens the dead skin cells
  • Milk powder has lactic acid that will moisturize the skin
  • Sugar granules will exfoliate the face, removing the dead skin.

Exfoliation is a key if you are craving a glowing, healthy complexion but if your skin is delicate, regular exfoliation can harm your skin.

According to research facial cleansing brushes is the best way to deep clean and softly exfoliate your skin.

An electric facial brush sloughs away dead skin cells, clean pores are tighten, improve circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage and your skin will absorb your skincare products better.

Choose an antibacterial facial brush like the LUCE brush, suitable for all skin types. The LUCE180 is a non-porous brush that resist bacteria for a hygienic cleansing surface.


As we are likely to wash our face more often, we must hydrate to maintain the balance.

Washing the face often can disrupt the natural pH levels of the skin, leading to dryness. To prevent this, follow with a light-weight cream or a hydrating serum after every wash, to lock-in the moisture.

You can include a stronger dose of moisturize in your nighttime routine to help your skin hydrate and replenish overnight. Glycerin and castor oil make good choices for people with extremely dry skin.

Digital Detox

As the great indoors are able to keep us away from the harmful effects of the UV light, it has led to increased exposure to the blue light.

The lockdown has translated to extended hours in front of the screen, where everything from work and news consumption to leisure watches and catch-ups has reduced to a big or small screen; think tablets, computers, TVs and smartphones.

UV light is harmful to the skin. But the uncommon fact is that besides the UV light, the blue light in the (visible) spectrum is damaging too.

Sunlight is the main source of UV light, but our digital devices emit a fraction of this blue light energy too. Moreover, they are much closer to us, and we are being exposed to them far too often.

Wondering how is it affecting your skin health? Long-term exposure to this concentrated blue light energy can cause skin damage, leading to pigmentation, inflammation and breakdown of collagen causing photo-ageing.

Here are some useful tips from on how you can reduce the damage:

  • Wear sunscreen even when you are indoors.
  • If you have been reading books on your devices, switch to paperbacks.
  • Use your smartphone smartly!

Activate the screen time on your device and use it to track the amount of time you spend browsing, thereby limiting your exposure to the blue light.

Better sleeping habits, maintaining hygiene, conscious dietary care, managing stress levels, and incorporating exercise in your daily routine will power up the detox process and improve your overall health.

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