LUCE® Microcurrent Wand - 2nd Gen


Get the benefits that the LUCE 4T Therapy has to offer (Microcurrent, Red and Blue LED Light, Heat Therapy and Low Frequency Vibrations).

  • Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Helps with Sagging Skin
  • Diminish Dark Circles and Eye Bags
  • Increase Skincare Absorption


Product Specification

Red and Blue LED Light: 630 and 475 Nanometers

Microcurrent: 350uA

Vibrations/ Massage: 7000 RPM

Heat Therapy: 107 degrees Fahrenheit



The LUCE 4T works with an internal sensor that will turn ON once it is in contact with your skin.

Please be aware: Depending on the skin type, the sensor might not turn on easily, especially on dry skin. The device needs to be used with a conductive gel or any water base product.

Microcurrent devices work by delivering an electrical current to muscles and skin cells.

The idea behind this is that the electrical current will build up muscles in the face, lifting and tightening the skin.

The LUCE 4T Therapy not only diminishes signs of aging but slows down the aging process. Results may vary, but you can start seeing a more visible results after 4-6 weeks depending on the condition of the skin. Microcurrents build up muscles in the face, to build the muscles takes some time, same as when you exercise in the gym.It is recommended to use it daily for 5 min.
Visible results are cumulative and most effective when implemented into a consistent routine.

You can use serum, toner, gel or any moisture you love as long as you MAKE SURE IT IS OIL FREE AND WATER BASED.

We do not recommend using serums that contain high concentration of acidity as glycolic acid, Vitamin C, as they may increase skin's sensitivity & cause skin reactions.

We suggest using the LUCE 4T Therapy with an ultrasound gel or Aloe Vera gel as it is the best option to conduct current. You can still include these serums after your treatment.

*Baby oil or vaseline should not be used as they do not conduct the current.

We recommended using it for 5 minutes per day.
The LUCE 4T can be used on the face, neck and décolleté. Avoid use near the Thyroid gland.

In order to ensure that the place where you applied fillers is not disturbed, we suggest you wait 4-5 days after your procedure.

All LUCE products include a 1-year limited warranty that covers replacement & repairs due to malfunctions & manufacturing defects. It does not cover wear & tear, theft, or accidental damage.

We offer a 30-day return on all orders sold on To initiate a return, please email
All returns must be processed within 30 days of receiving your order. Shipping fees are not refundable (if shipping fees were initially covered by us, they will be deducted from the return payment). We do not charge a restocking fee.

We recommend cleaning the product after each use with a cotton cloth to ensure the sensor stays working properly. Since the LUCE4T works with a sensor that is sensitive to moisture, we do not recommend leaving it exposed in your bathroom while taking a shower. The moisture of the bathroom will trigger the sensor and the device will turn on by itself. Instead we suggest covering it with a cotton towel and keeping it in a dry place.

Two hours is enough to fully charge your device. Each charge gives you around 100 minutes of use.